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Feb. 2, 2022

ITDW w Vanessa Lee, owner of The Angel Doll Company and Doll Sculptor

ITDW w Vanessa Lee, owner of The Angel Doll Company and Doll Sculptor

Vanessa Lee, doll sculptor and owner of The Angel Doll Company shares her fantastic journey to becoming a doll artist.   www.inthedollworld.com/podcasts

In her own words, she believed she came too late to the doll world, although we would never believe that due to the outstanding dolls she creates.

Vanessa grew up very poor in a small town (Barberton, Ohio), as one of five children. Her mother and teachers always allowed her to freely express herself artistically and with very few limitations or restrictions on her imagination.   As far back as Vee could remember, she's loved dolls.  Any time she was sad, scared, or just feeling down, there was always a doll there to comfort her. 

She shares with us how her artistic soul and dolls became one in 2012 when Vanessa happened to stumble into a Doll Art Gallery in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that was owned by World renowned Artist "Mark Dennis". He agreed to teach "Vee" to sculpt and to create her doll designs. She then taught herself to mold and caste and then went on to create the incredible dolls that we love to collect to this day.

Vee loves the journey of creating silicone dolls, and believes that everyone should know that they have an Angel!

To find out more about Vanessa Lee and the incredible dolls she creates, please visit


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