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In The Doll World™, doll podcast and YouTube channel, offers intimate interviews with your favorite doll creatives, from Mel Odom, Stacey McBride-Irby, Pat Henry, Byron Lars and Robert Tonner to newcomers such as Niya Dorsey, Bukola Somide, Mike Buess, Joey Versaw, Jozef Szekeres, CJ Starz and many more.

These intimate interviews give us glimpses into their process and what propels their drive and passion, that help to keep the doll world moving and shaking. 

In The Doll World interviews expand the globe with amazing stories from around the world, from doll icons to new and fascinating doll artists, companies, collectors, storytellers, repainters, accessory makers, all movers-and-shakers who are expanding and reshaping the doll world!  

In The Doll World, doll podcast and YouTube channel, is hosted by Georgette Taylor, the history-making doll creator who co-founded and co-invented Big Beautiful Dolls™ (BBD), the first plus-sized fashion dolls.  

About the Host

Georgette TaylorProfile Photo

Georgette Taylor

Georgette is host of In The Doll World. She is a podcast coach, producer and editor.

Georgette Taylor is the co-creator of the history-making doll line, Big Beautiful Dolls (BBD). The BBD line included the first plus-size fashion dolls: Dasia, Dena, and Dawn. Georgette is also the former co-founder and VP of the company, Big Beautiful Dolls and recipient of the 2015 Doll Legacy Award, from the Detroit Doll Show.

In addition she is the founder of Dynamic Life Enterprise, A Life In-Powerment Company.

Georgette not only brings her knowledge and expertise of the doll business to In The Doll World™, but also her continued passion and purpose of wanting to help others feel proud of who they are and continue to pursue their passions are, no matter what they are.

Helping women to feel powerful in who they are, no matter their size was one of the things that Georgette was so passionate about in helping to co-create Big Beautiful Dolls, the first plus size fashion dolls.