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June 16, 2021

Aidan Prince, creator of The Ken Couple instagram series, joins In The Doll World doll podcast

Aidan Prince, creator of The Ken Couple instagram series, joins In The Doll World doll podcast

www.inthedollworld.com/storytellers   In The Doll World, doll podcast and Youtube channel Celebrates PRIDE MONTH with a wonderful interview with Aidan Prince, he is the creator of the successful and delightful TheKenCouple on Instagram.

We know that during these difficult times, especially when the pandemic started,  we all were and still are looking for a reason to smile. “Thekencouple” Instagram account does just that! 

Aidan talks about he started two months into the pandemic, how the account chronicles the life of Aidan his husband with a tongue-in-cheek “art imitating life” style, by using Ken dolls that resemble the real-life couple.

What we love most and talk about is how the stories of Thekencouple are so relatable and entertaining to people who don’t even know the couple, but they kow that situation.

The fact that the account has over 4,00 followers from across the globe is a testament to that! The series has evolved from the typical single photo posts to be much like a comic strip, showcasing some light humor.

Given the regular enthusiastic comments followers post on the photos, it’s clear “thekencouple” is definitely bringing daily smiles to lots of people.

Hope you enjoy the interview.

Please check out the origin story as well, when it was 
The Adventures of Aidan-Ken & Doug-Ken

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