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June 17, 2020

Ama Gueye, Founder of Operation Sankofa

Ama Gueye, Founder of Operation Sankofa

www.inthedollworld.com  This is wonderful show with Ama Gueye, Founder of Operation Sankofa: ‘I want one just like me!’ Join us as we learn more about this amazing educator and how she became the catalyst for providing and continuing the discussion of accessibility to affordable black dolls in the UK, and why that is so important.

What began as a one off exercise to locate where to buy black dolls in 2009,  has blossomed into the Operation Sankofa and Black Dolls Expo an annual event which showcases a vast range of black dolls featuring collectors, doll makers, doll manufacturers as well as other related resources.

To learn more about and or support Operation Sankofa, please vist: https://operationsankofa.com/home/

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