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May 27, 2020

Brenda Ragland, CEO of My Heart Expressions

Brenda Ragland, CEO of My Heart Expressions

www.inthedollworld.com  Join us for a wonderful conversation with Brenda Ragland, Founder and CEO of My Heart Expresions, as she shares with us her journey into creating the inspirational fashion doll Makayla and her mission in helping young girls develop self-love through her doll.

My Heart Expressions Inspirational Fashion Doll Makayla's mission is to Inspire Young Minds to Believe in their Dreams. Makayla's Inspirational Fashion Line will help young girls develop self love, Beauty within, build self confidence, discover their purpose and understand their value, While having fun. Brenda's goal is to one day have Makayla and her Fashions in various stores throughout the world, and her mission is to travel with Makayla and help young girls understand their Value.

To visit Makayla please visit:  https://www.myheartexpressionsdoll.com/

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and the Doll world would like to welcome our guest to the show, Brenda Raglan. She is the founder and CEO of My Heart Expressions, which encompasses the display of her many God given gifts and talents, as well as a passion for fashion that she realized back in the eighth grade. Her experiences through life as well as an continued passion for fashion has led her to create my heart expressions inspirational fashion doll Makayla. McCallum's mission is to inspire young minds to believe in their dreams. McHale was inspirational. Fashion Line will help young girls develop self love, beauty within bill self confidence, discover their purpose and understand their value while having fun. Let's welcome hard to the show and let's get this show started. Hello, everybody and welcome to In the Dog World Show, spotlighting the Passion and the people of the Donald community with your host Me Jet Taylor, former vice president and co found a big Beautiful dolls and Tammy Fisher on Earth Curiosity. Each dolls and collectibles join us as we talk to and feature fascinating dolls and Donna Lars, from avid collectors to re painters, re designers, lagers, office filmmakers and all the people in between. If they share their journeys, give us glimpses into their processes. And what propels their passion and drive that helped to keep the doll world moving and shaking. Here are your host, your jet and Tammy.

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Hello, everyone. This is Tammy Fisher and my co host, Georgia Taylor. Hello. And we're excited for you to join us on another episode of In the Doll World today. Our guest is Brendan Ragland. Sorry, Brenda Ragland. And she is the owner of my heart expressions doll company. And we're super excited to have her. Brenda is doing some wonderful positive things with dolls. And we thought you'd like to know more about her and her journey in her dolls. So that's why we have her here today. So, Brenda, thank you for joining us. Thank

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you. Thank you for having me.

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So I'll get right to the interview here. I'd like to know about Goodall during how you got to this point to have toe owning a A doll company.

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Well, basically, I had a vision about, um wanting to express myself through my fashion and, um, wanting to connect with Children to know that they all have a purpose in life. And I thought about getting a Donald through my auntie who who sparked that idea in my head when I was fishing around, just trying to figure out how can I, um, you know, present my doll clothing and she mentioned to me that I should create it all, So that's what I did and I wanted. Makayla is her name, and I want her to have a purpose. I wanted to have a reason I didn't want to just say I have a doll with no meaning behind it. I know that it's very important for us as African American blacks will have a role model, someone that looks like us. Part of me wanting to create Makeba was that, but the bigger part was too. Connect with Children to help them realize that they all have a purpose in life and that, you know, we were all born with a reason and a purpose. And with the doll that I created with Michaela, her dog holding is the inspirational clothing line that will inspire Children to believe in your dreams. I started a T shirt and clothing company with Michaela to be the sponsor for that because I felt that Makayla can reach Children at a very young age so that as they grow up, they can realize their purpose in life.

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So I'm just trying to be clear here you're a doll. Journey began with fashion and then it started

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with fashion. Yes, I've always had a passion for fashion since I was in eighth grade. And I've done so many different things dealing with fashion. And, you know, one day I sat down and try to figure out my life at this point my purpose for being here. And I realized that everything I've done in my in my journey throughout my life came back to the same thing, which is fashion. And then, you know, me going deep into my spiritual side, realizing that that was my calling. And I wanted to figure out a way that I can present my fashion and give back. And that's how much tail it was birth because you know me having division tohave a doll and to represent Makayla through my fashions is to inspire Children. So I started doing the inspirational T shirts and stuff, and I have the clothing that matches the T shirts and inspirational sayings affirmations about being brave. You know, um, I have a purpose. This story begins with you. So it's a lot of different angles in which I go with Michaela to express so that Children can understand their purpose while having fun playing with the dollars. Well,

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okay, so the fashions that you have you started with fashions for a doll from Michaela.

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Originally back some years ago, I started doing fashion for full adults. You know, he has nothing. It had nothing to do with a doll.

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No, But

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as the years went on, I realized that, you know, I have a passion for the fashion. So I started doing doll clothes and me wanting to have a purpose for the doll. That's how I created the doll clothing for inspiration, you know,

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yes, I do things like that.

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Okay, so you started with doll clothing, and then once you get the doll clothing, you actually went and got a dull to wear the clothing. And are you saying that I just want to be clear. The doll clothing is I know that it's positive and you have wonderful, uplifting terms on the doll clothing are you saying that you also have a line of clothing, These T shirts for Children? Or is it just for the dolls?

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Well, I'm in the process of expanding listed all clothing toe. Also do the inspirational teachers and stuff the Children as well. I haven't gotten that far with it yet, but that is on my bucket list to do to add to her fashion.

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Okay, Michaela,

spk_2:   6:39
fashion through my heart expressions.

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Okay, that's wonderful. So why don't you give us I don't know, like, five words from some of the T shirt that you have, cause I I love the upload up lifting words that you have, and I'm sure that the audience would like to hear if some of the work and saying that you have. Okay.

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Um okay. Ah, one of the T shirts. Um, it says I have a purpose. And then underneath this as my story begins with me, um, I have a T shirt that says I am brave. I also address bullying

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in school,

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so I have a T shirt. This is bullying is not okay. Tell someone, um, you know, because we have a lot of Children was bullied in school and their friends and say something. So it's just like letting them know that it's okay to speak up and let people know what's going on. Um, I have teachers to say. I am brave. I am awesome. I am a queen. Um ah. Queen of something. I tryto stress a lot when I speak, because we all have to, you know, like Children. They have to know that they are special in their beautiful have teachers. The thing. I am beautiful. Um, So I try to take ah, lot of positive affirmations, and I put it on the teachers so they can understand that they are beautiful from the inside out, and it doesn't matter what race they are, you know that they have to love their cells from the inside out. And, um, you know, and that that that's pretty much what the clothing line represents. And me trying to give, you know, doing different events and stuff throughout rally is just me getting the exposure. I need to let people know that I'm okay like this.

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So what kind of what kind of events did you do with the dollars? You said you do events to get you to get the word out and exposure. Do you, um, do you do vending? Did you do a story time? Do you do what you do, thio know to get

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out? Okay. I had an event where I had It was a system tea party and basically the lady that, um, Ms Floriana gave a system tea party featuring Michaela. And what we did was we put together a show where we got the Children involved. I did a fashion show with the Children and they wore the inspirational T shirts and recited what the T shirt said and represents. We had ah, young lady that did dancing. And we had motivational speakers have a little cousin and someone somewhere. Cohen and she got up and spoke. She was 11 years old and she got up and spoke about being brave and believing in your dreams and, you know, not giving up. And if you have a vision to pursue that and we had a few other things going on. But the whole purpose of that tea party was to invite Children and their mothers to come for tea party and, you know, just meet Makayla. I spoke about what she was about. And we had a couple of the people I got up and spoke about, um, visions and dreams, something like that.

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That's cool. I like that. I definitely like. Now that's something that you that you can utilize or is that you know, there's something you can utilize on your own and just, you know, establish them around the city where you live at or

spk_2:   9:55
right now I'm more focused on rally. I haven't gotten to the point where I can travel, but I do hope to travel around to different towns and cities and stuff to bring the Kayla to possibly schools or having different events and connect with other people. But I could do this with

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Yeah, that would be really good. I think something in school is best C. Like you said for the younger kids, you know, maybe possibly, you know, work with the teacher. You just come in even if it's you know, even if sometimes they have career days. You know that you if you have to go in through that way, you know, just be ableto, you know have exposure so that the kids can see the doll and talk to you about, you know, dolls and clothing and things like that. E

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I have a

spk_1:   10:39
good going. I

spk_2:   10:40
wish I had the flexibility to travel as much as I would like to with Taylor, because I know they have a big doll show.

spk_1:   10:46
If I'm not mistaken.

spk_2:   10:46
Is in Detroit. I really wish I could have that

spk_0:   10:50
right. Right sign. Just sits on Eppes. Yeah, she she started that Detroit dollars just in days. Amount of fact, She she did really well. She had a lot of a lot of people there. So maybe that made you go for next year, you know, to be there because she and she loves hands on type of, Um um, you know, situations. You know, where the kids could be involved in that she has a lot of Children and come there. And they do a lot of different. A lot of different things with the dolls. They're so maybe something may want to definitely think about doing next year.

spk_2:   11:26
Yes, absolutely.

spk_1:   11:28
So let me ask

spk_0:   11:29
you a question. I know you were into fashion a lot. Um, did well, you into dolls at all when you were really young

spk_2:   11:35
uh, to be honest, No, it's really funny. Um, I made my first skirt when I was in eighth grade, and that's when I found out that I had a, uh, interest in designing a fashion. And, um, I asked my parents that gives me a sore machine for Christmas. I don't think I would get it, but I did get one, and I've been selling since then and start

spk_1:   11:55
making my

spk_2:   11:55
own clothes and stuff. And that transitioned as I got older into me, modeling and doing that. I've

spk_1:   12:02
not been doing

spk_2:   12:02
fashion shows and designing clothes for fashion shows. And then I started my own production, called A Taste of Oak Productions, and I started my own fashion shows in the event of stuff here in New York. So I a magazine from New York to Raleigh, North Carolina. So that's why I've been here 12 years now. And I still wanted to still do something related to fashion and when are you know, being around a lot of Children and stuff have tons of nieces

spk_0:   12:27
and nephews and

spk_2:   12:28
stuff, and, you know, when I see people post up on Facebook, I'll be around a lot of Children in the neighborhood and things like that. And I see how some Children react to certain things. And, you know, I just feel like what could I do with Makayla? That rip isn't something positive. And, you know, and this is why I created Makayla. So all of the events, you know, how you know, trying to give vision board parties for Children, money, events that I could bring Children so they can get excited about, OK, women excited about extricated dream. It's OK to have visions and imagination and stuff like that. And hopefully that I can, um, you know, get a message out to the parents as well that when their Children do have a vision and they're all over, you know how we are only literally all of the very idea of visions that whatever passion they have when they're young to try it, let them all program. Yeah, well programmed, you know, And it's all from our generation and generations to believe that we're supposed to just work and, you know,

spk_1:   13:27
go to this mountain. Five schools is not

spk_2:   13:29
a whatever way chase something our entire life. Some people find their passion and some people don't some people just live their entire life, not really knowing why they're here. So you have some point. Stop and ask yourself What is my purpose? Why why am I here? You know, and this is the message that I want to give out from the case, you know, and a purpose in life.

spk_0:   13:49
And to be able to instill latte into into Children. So that became constantly, you know, you know it constantly. Have a conversation about that, you know, because it and gets it can get kind of misdirected. Uh, yeah, the older the older we get, you know. So So I say kudos to that, you know, too. Being able to use the doll in the way that helps you empower, you know, empower young, young young girls. Um, and not that you're not empowering young, young, young young boys either. We just had a show talking to somebody about men and boys in the doll. You know, in the dawn world, you know, it's right. It's still is important, You know that? Look, the reality is that there boys that like to play with dolls, you know, that's just, you know, whether it be fashion or you know, they just like the, you know, hair styling or whatever it is. So, um, I definitely think that you're doing something really, really positive and something that's really always needed. It's always needed, you know, to be able to uplift in and Thio, You know, uh, let young people know that they do have a purpose, You know that they on beautiful and brave. So? So that's I'm glad. Shit, You know that? That's what you joined with your doll. So very cool.

spk_1:   15:01
Thank you. There was. Yeah, I really appreciate hearing this information about your start and your purpose, and they're empowering. I would like to get back to Makayla. We never really spoke about Michaela other than we spoke about her in directly in that. You know how she's going. She's here to empower people, but we didn't speak about the physical aspect of Michaela. So why don't you tell us a bit about McCain? Like, tell us about her size and, you know, compared to other dolls on the market, who is she comparably sized too, And can other dolls where her clothing, that kind of thing. Can you see? Oh, yes. Yes,

spk_2:   15:43
ma'am. Well, McHale is 18 install, and she's a soft body dollars for the top portion from her waist off the soft body. Um, nice and cuddly. You know, she can give great hugs, and, um, she is Ah, Afro curly hair, really thick fo curly hair. Um, and she can wear, like, you know, the American Girl doll five. Meticulous. And, yes, her Kolding lie can fit 18 inch dolls as well.

spk_1:   16:17

spk_2:   16:17
I know that certain 18 installs have differently. Flying really depends. But, um, if I had to compare her to any of the dolls that I know that sounded, I would say the American girl doll size is about the same size is McKay MMA.

spk_1:   16:31
Okay, so that's good to know, cause that American girl is in our generation. There's a lot of dolls that are in that size range. So people do you can people come to your site or to your store and purchase a T shirt for a dull? Or do they have to buy a dull addressed all? I mean, how does that work?

spk_2:   16:54
Um, right now I have the Makayla doll, um, outfit. Already. The T shirt says believe you can. That was the original launch and the outfit with, um, a pretty skirt. A boat like a 100% African fabric. Start with the bow and shoes and she's in a box. And, um, spring of 2020. I will have, ah, line of clothes that people don't actually going to fight and purchase a swell.

spk_1:   17:25
Are these clothing is Are these closed doll clothes or Children's clothes are both.

spk_2:   17:32
We're starting out with just the doll clothes.

spk_1:   17:34
Okay, Spring meeting later

spk_2:   17:36
in 2020. Yes, and

spk_1:   17:38

spk_2:   17:39
later. Towards the end of the year, we'll probably have the Children t shirts.

spk_0:   17:44
Is that

spk_2:   17:45

spk_1:   17:45
Friends as well? That's all right.

spk_2:   17:49
Yeah, it's a lot because I'm actually doing it all myself So far. Is

spk_1:   17:53
this sitting here

spk_2:   17:54
making the clothes myself? So I'm taking baby stuff with it, but I'm making progress. That's why I had to extend it to 2020. Um, difficult to do it the summer that just passed. But it's a lot for me to dio because I'm

spk_1:   18:07
doing it all myself. It doesn't

spk_0:   18:10
really, you know, I'm sorry, Tammy. Yeah, um, definitely has entrepreneur. You know, if you're out there doing things about yourself, you know it's people know. It can definitely take a lot longer than you had anticipated. You know, you

spk_2:   18:21

spk_0:   18:21
have other things to take care of his well, so

spk_1:   18:26
And that's nice to to know that you are actually making the individual pieces. And that's one of those things you have to weigh. Is an entrepreneur. When do I source it out? Outsource it, or when do I make it myself? So because you were doing each piece, it's like every piece is like one of a kind because you're hand sewing and hand putting. You know, all of the outfits together. So that's really nice that people come and you can buy something of high quality you're using. You said African fabric. I'm assuming it's African wax.

spk_2:   19:02
Uh, African. Let's fabric

spk_1:   19:04
used African fabric. So I assumed it was the wax fabric. Okay, Yes, that's wonderful. I I loved

spk_2:   19:14
I love selling. So,

spk_1:   19:15
uh, you know, I

spk_2:   19:18
got tired of flowing for adults at some point when I was doing some years ago, but I still had a passion for it, and I found myself always making my own stuff. Every time I want to go out and making me ill said to wear out. You know, I never stopped selling. You know, I'm just sorry for little people. Now, you know,

spk_1:   19:35
it is fun.

spk_2:   19:36
And I see how excited the Children get when I see it, you know?

spk_0:   19:40
Yeah. Yeah, that's pretty neat. Well, you know what I mean. Take a look. Really Locking outfits, you know? Yes. Now, what

spk_1:   19:51
is your What do you What do you see?

spk_0:   19:53
Um um for yourself and Michaela. Really, Um, you know, for your business and the next, you know, 2 to 3 years. Wait, What is it? I don't really wanna have accomplished by that time.

spk_2:   20:05
My goal, honestly, is to get Makayla fashions and stores.

spk_0:   20:11

spk_2:   20:12
um, I would be out that that's my goal within the next two or three years. So have her have a line of clothing stores. And, um, again, I want to. Like I said, I wanna be able to travel around,

spk_1:   20:24
and I'm

spk_2:   20:25
trying to bring newness to the doll world in a sense off. You know, as Children, we have dolls. But, you know, I wanna have a meaning behind it. And I want people to be able to look at Makayla and I'm just recognized the name my heart expressions and connect that with Mikayla. Um, in a sense, off, that doll has a purpose, You know, to me, not just this adult, if that makes sense, you

spk_0:   20:49
know, it doesn't matter. I like what you said. The newness to the doll, you know, to the world. So I think that I definitely think that's important, you know? I mean, it's also two of the way she compartment with different people to, you know, to help that, you know, like that to move that forward as well. So, um uh, and if you're if you're talking about, um, looking at opportunity, you know, to to dance, you know what you're doing with the doll. Um, at some point, you're gonna have to outsource, right?

spk_2:   21:20
Yes, I

spk_1:   21:21
am. Yeah. She's gonna put the clothes in a store. That would be a whole bunch of sewing. So Yeah. So that makes sense it at that point, he would outsource it. Yes,

spk_2:   21:33
and I know I'm not there yet, but in time I know I will get there. Um, I've guessed that a lot of different designs and stuff that I wanted no one person can do it all.

spk_1:   21:43
Yeah. I

spk_2:   21:44
have a team of people in here going with me for a minute, you know, just starting out. But eventually, I know I have to find a manufacturing outsource. You know what? I need

spk_0:   21:53

spk_2:   21:54
But that's my goal. Moving makayla is to get her clothing line out there. And then I want to also, um, actively be involved in the community here in the valley and whatever else I can travel so that I can take different events, You know, I find on visiting. Um, probably sometime in the spring, I will be doing a fund raiser with McCain to, um, foster Children with cancer. And I wanted to do a donation on behalf of Kayla to donate it to a cancer hospital. Help Children with cancer. You know how I would do a lot of different things with Caleb away? The Children in the hospital, you don't think like that. And, um, vision board parties, you know, like when McCain was birthday, come out August 24. I won't have a big party and invite Children

spk_1:   22:46
things like

spk_2:   22:49
that. And, you know, while playing dress has been having fun with Michaela I just wanted to tap into different areas off interest for Children to gravitate toward her, You know, to be like, I want that makayla dollar mom for Christmas store, you know? And, you know, because my little cousin of the self in my my niece, basically, I've done a couple of videos on my knees, and I didn't even have a really top car. But the same she started talking about Michaela because she was so excited.

spk_0:   23:20
You know,

spk_2:   23:21
she went around my whole shoulder and started talking about what was on a T shirt. Some things like that, you know? So it's just it's just exciting the woman's heart just to see that. And And when I speak to her like what? Teacher am I gonna win? Because I'm the queen.

spk_1:   23:34
And for that fashion show for me, Marty. Oh, hey, I

spk_2:   23:44
was just exciting just to see that you don't need. Yes, I'm preparing for on event next Sunday. Actually, I was near Makayla was invited to do a mother and daughter T with, uh, an organization. This young lady here in the rally was doing a big mother and daughter tea. So they're featuring Makayla. So I'm preparing for that right now in the next Sunday hearing rally.

spk_1:   24:13
That's great.

spk_0:   24:14
That's very nice. Now what else does of Michaela come with? Use comes with her clothes. Does she have a book?

spk_2:   24:20
Not yet, but I did write, um, just a lot going on with Michaela. Ah, but again, I say on one person. So eventually the things we'll all get out. But it's funny, because when I did the launch last year, I did find myself sitting on the couch and I wrote a small book about Makayla, um, discovering her purpose. And it was It was all around her. If you want, I can say a little bit of it just

spk_1:   24:45
easier on

spk_2:   24:45
idea. McKay

spk_1:   24:48
was basically

spk_2:   24:48
playing outside with her friends, and one of her friends went in her pocket and gave her a feed. And Makeba didn't really pay attention. Just like what is this you feed? She said. Well, why are you giving me a seed? And her friend said, My mom gave me to cease and told me to give one to my best friend and she said, This is the key to your greatness. So Michaela not thinking about it kind of put it in our pocket. And when you laid along with she was in the house, she went in her pocket and she pulled out the feet. And then she realized she was like, What does she mean by the seat of my greatness? So she ran downstairs to let her father, you know, Daddy, Daddy, Somebody thinking, You see, you know, type of thing. And she ran out fears her father was like, What do you mean she gave you? See? So she said This is a feat to my greatness. So Makayla not really realizing what it was. All four. He called the mother into the room and said Makela has a key to her greatness. So they feel looking at her like Like what? What's going on? You know something And I have to put this in the Children's form. But this is the story behind it.

spk_0:   25:54
You know

spk_2:   25:54
that? The father told the mother and father told Michaela this Justin plant a seed, She was like Mommy! Daddy, where am I gonna plant my feet? So they decided to plan in her backyard so they open the door, let Makayla out. Michaela ran to the back looking for somewhere to plan for seed. And she went to one of her favorite trees that she played with all the time. And she started digging a plan ever see, And she sat there waiting for

spk_1:   26:20
something that

spk_2:   26:20
happened. So her mom and dad is standing in the door laughing, and she turned around. I love that I say my thing, but there's nothing happening, right? So the father would hurt, you know? Think, though she wanted to be a fashion designer, and they know that you're doing sketches himself like that. So the father asked McKay Little wanna see that your sketchbook? While McCaleb, upstairs looking at the sea, she had heard a voice speak to her, and that's why she ran off. She said, You know, don't be afraid of feet And she ran and she got a sketchbook came back downstairs and the father and mother sitting at the kitchen table looking at sketches, and they noticed that she had a lot of new stuff in her book, and as she was sitting there, there was sitting there looking at her and proud Dad, Mom, I was gonna be a fashion designer, and I'm really speaking about myself.

spk_1:   27:07
I e really

spk_2:   27:11
thinking about myself. So I

spk_1:   27:13
lived a lot of stress. Yeah, All

spk_2:   27:15
right. Yes. So the father and mother was, like much. Well, that's gonna be a big fashion designer. And as they were sitting there looking through the book and smiling, they okay, what looked up and said, That's it. Daddy rested. Mommy. That's what I want to do. I want to be a fashion designer. I want to design clothes, all my little friends and cousins. And no

spk_1:   27:36
more of

spk_2:   27:36
the story is that you're planning the CT of greatness. Um, your seat is inside of you, and we will lift it with that. And

spk_1:   27:45

spk_2:   27:45
is where we go back to discovering your purpose in life, you know, because we're all we're not. We're not a mistake. We're all here for reasons, you know. And, um So that story I have to tweet it. Of course, with

spk_1:   27:59
that, I

spk_2:   27:59
can put it in a book form so Children can read it and

spk_1:   28:03
understand. Well, that would be great. That's just a little

spk_2:   28:06
bit of it. Part of it for youto get an idea where I'm going with it, you know, I've never written a book before. It was something that came to me as I was discovering a reason behind Mikayla and her purpose of stuff like that. Yes. I will be coming out with a short story book about Makayla moving for a

spk_0:   28:26
very good. Yeah. I mean, I think that's important. I think you really need that. Um, you know, Thio kind of anchor her story in a way.

spk_2:   28:35

spk_0:   28:35
Kind of anchor, who she is. And it gives him gives a kid something to actually look through. You know what I mean? And read all the other thing I meant to ask you back to Makeba. How old is she? Like our oldest makayla?

spk_2:   28:51
Um, I never really thought about that, but so we're working for the age of age on her, I would say she is about

spk_1:   29:05
six years old. I

spk_0:   29:06
was going to say seven. About six or seven. Right. Okay.

spk_1:   29:09
I was just curious to know it all It all It all

spk_0:   29:13
goes with the character, right of the the you know, it goes with the character of the dolls. So, uh, yeah, 6%. That's good age.

spk_1:   29:21
I couldn't say Look, I

spk_2:   29:21
couldn't say, Ah, three or four. Could you be like, How could she be foaming at three or four years

spk_1:   29:26
old? Right.

spk_0:   29:28
He could take 13. Like, really. Seven is good at six. Or seven is good. Yeah,

spk_1:   29:36
Very good. I like e

spk_0:   29:38
that, like everyone's You like what you're doing with that. I really wish you so much really, really good sticks. That's with that. Really? Thank

spk_2:   29:45
you. Thank you. Appreciate. I appreciate you having me just speaking about her. You know, she she and my family, they lasted because he told him about her Is that she's alive.

spk_1:   29:56
But the light is right. She is. Don't take on

spk_0:   30:01
so many so many forms of that. You know, so many aspects of, you know, two dolls. And you know how they could help people and made Tammy, you know, talk about this a lot. You know how dollars can heal people. You know how they're there to have these conversations that you can't have with other people. You know, my dolls. You know, the big, beautiful dogs they set up on my shelf. And honestly, I tell people to sue. They really do talk to me. You know, they really do they really have things to say to me? You know, they always keep me engaged. They always remind me of my courage. You know that I had When, When I'm afraid to do something because it doesn't matter how old you are. You know, you still have bears, and you still have apprehension about moving into his new directions in your life. And that s o for me. They are not part of me. Um, and, uh, they just remind me of the courage that I had when I when I helped to co co co create them. So I use that energy, you know, to take it in other areas of my life. So So I totally understand. It's just a extension of you. I mean, you wouldn't be able to create her if she wasn't, you know.

spk_2:   31:07
Yeah. Absolutely. And keep in mind also to you still have to give me your information. I would like to send you on, like, a little

spk_0:   31:13
Oh, okay. Thank you. Thank you. We'll split

spk_1:   31:18
one, Tammy. Okay, I got it. And

spk_0:   31:30
whoever all the other people who are listening out here, we just want you to know that we will be having some pictures of the cable down on the website as well. Our website as well in the dawn world. And I'm sure about it into the show. Blunder will share information with you on how you can how you can get a Michaela for yourself or for your daughter. E.

spk_2:   31:49
I appreciate that

spk_1:   31:52
you do You want to give us the your Facebook and website information so that and I don't know if you have instagram or anything, but give us your contact information so that people can reach out to you.

spk_2:   32:03
I'm Yes, I do have a facebook page. My heart expression is doll.

spk_1:   32:08

spk_2:   32:09
Facebook page in my heart expressions doll dot com is the web site and my heart expression stall. I am on instagram and as well. Um I'm after revamping the website a little, but that is the

spk_1:   32:26
West Side

spk_2:   32:26
that you can reach Mosul in the process of putting her on Etsy.

spk_1:   32:30
Okay, yes. So what? Your Etsy store be my heart expressions doll. Would that be the year of the name of your Etsy store?

spk_2:   32:38
It is, Actually, they wouldn't allow me to put the whole title.

spk_1:   32:42
Ally are

spk_2:   32:43
my heart doll Now my heart expressions all. I'm trying to still tweet it to make it

spk_1:   32:50
sound like

spk_2:   32:50
it's still my heart expressions doll, but they won't let me put the whole word. Yes, I'm still working on that, but I will definitely be

spk_1:   32:57
launching that on

spk_2:   32:58
the Facebook page when it's active.

spk_1:   33:00
Okay. And when you have more information about when you're launching your doll line and your Children enough to doll line but your doll clothes, clothing line and your T shirt line get back with us. We'd love to interview you again and get an update about what's going on and to let people know what's going on in how they can support you.

spk_2:   33:23
Yes, that would be awesome. But I do appreciate that. Thank

spk_1:   33:25
you. Thank you. So, yeah, it's been wonderful talking to you this evening. Yeah, we look forward to speaking with you again, and you take care. And like I said, it's been a great interview. Do you have anything to add? Yeah. No, no.

spk_0:   33:45
I just want to say thank you so much for being on the call with Brenda and being on the show. Um, thank you. One of the things that we definitely want to do within the Don Wars to be able to, you know, have people on just understand and also be able thio introduce them to people that they probably haven't heard before, you know? Yeah, right. Um and, you know, give, um, give all the doll artists and Donald designers and makers and collectors, you know, an opportunity Thio Thio share with other people. You know, the things that they're passionate about and what they're doing with their dolls. So we just want appreciate, um, appreciate all of you out there that have a vision, right? Thio to continue to move the down world. Forward. Yeah. So you you're welcome. Thank you so much for being on the doll world with All

spk_1:   34:34
right. Thank you so

spk_2:   34:35
much. And I appreciate you.

spk_1:   34:37
All right. Take care of yourself. Thank you. Bye. Okay, bye. Bye. Hey,

spk_0:   34:43
everybody. Thank you so much for listening to in the dog world. Me and Tammy really hope that you enjoyed the show. Please don't forget to shower podcast with other dollars, Suzy. A subject yourself. And if you would like to leave a message of how you enjoy the show or you want to suggest any guests that we should interview, as well as share information about what's happening in the dark community in your area. Please note. Did you reach out to us at George et dot in the doll world at gmail dot com and or tammy dot in the dog world at gmail dot com. Also, if you want to see some of the photos, we will be posting about guests as well as the dolls that they talk about on the show. Please visit www dot in the don world dot com and until next week, add a little play into your life by collecting a doll, sharing a doll or giving a dollar home until next week. Thank you again for listening to in the dark world.