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July 22, 2020

Bukola Somide, Creator of Somi the Computer Science Doll

Bukola Somide, Creator of Somi the Computer Science Doll

www.inthedollworld.com   A passionate and inspirational show with Bukola as she shares her journey from being a software engineer to becoming a doll creator and author.  She talks about how her passion, faith and desire to help empower youth and communities through her Somi the Computer Science Doll has lead to a doll that not only educates them about coding but brings awareness to Computer Science in a fun and exciting way that helps to foster a more self confident, smart and successful life. Inspiring youth to realize their passion early in order to pursue and excel in their purpose.

Bukola's drive and passion continues to empower children through her computer science story book series, activity books and her Computer Science inspired lifestyle empowerment brand that helps to foster awareness education with self-confidence.

If you are interested learning more about Somi, Bukola, of the Somi books, visit : https://www.bukolasomide.com/

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