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Feb. 22, 2023

Debra Pounds, owner of Paddlefootz Dolls & Thangs

Debra Pounds, owner of Paddlefootz Dolls & Thangs

What a wonderful conversation with Debra Pounds, Doll Artist and owner of Paddlefootz Dolls & Thangs wwww.inthedollworld.com

Debra shares how in 1997 a request from her mother for a Black Santa lead her to crafting but it was after the many conversations with her sister on how hard it had been and still was to find black dolls that were true, cute, and beautiful reflections of us as Black people for her nieces, and her daughters that led her to her doll creating.

We also talk about the approach she takes to create her beautiful dolls, what dictates the design and the look each doll has. 

She also shares how COVID really affected her business and forced her to shut down, and the challenges that came with that and how the lingering effects of that are still affecting her business today, but the love she has for creating dolls has been her saving grace and she still continues to inspire us with her  amazing creations.

As a self-taught artist, she prides herself in learning a skill she can pass on to others in helping them to create dolls, so the opportunity to teach what she knows in how to create her dolls, has opened up a new area that she is now moving forward in. 

We also get to find out a little bit more about her upcoming Doll show and future plans for that. 


To learn more about Debra and Paddlefootz Dolls please visit her on Instagram @paddlefootzdolls and or visit her website at www.paddlefootzdolls.com


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