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Dec. 8, 2022

Demetrius Davis, Jr aka LiL Dee, CEO of Our Brown Boy Joy

Demetrius Davis, Jr aka LiL Dee, CEO of Our Brown Boy Joy
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What delightful show with this 10-year-old entrepreneur and doll creator, Demetrius Davis Jr. aka Lil Dee, CEO of Our Brown Boy Joy, and his mom Dr. Luciana Gilmore. www.inthedollworld.com 

Our Brown Boy Joy created "My Friend," a character plush doll that speaks positive affirmations, such as “Brown Boy you are smart!” and more.

LiL Dee shares that while watching the news during lock down from COVID, stories of George Floyd was unfolding, his mom could see it was making him incredibly sad.  Conversations lead to other young boys with similar stories, as she states, “because I needed it to connect with him," she continues. "We talked about Trayvon Martin and [my former student] Tamir Rice, and I could see the pain he felt." 

LiL Dee then told his mom he really wanted to do something to help others. Soon after that, Dr. Gilmore, said the ‘My Friend' doll came to me in a dream," She felt it was a sign and Gilmore got to work, developing a company focused on young Black boys to present to her son as a surprise on his 8th birthday. 

It was important to LiL Dee to have the doll say positive affirmations to help people who speak negatively about themselves, to learn to speak more positive and kind things about who they are. 

The doll is created in LiL Dee’s likeness, and he shares with us how he feels about having a doll that looks like him out in the world, although he was not thrilled with the first prototype, he voiced his opinion on changes and created a doll that he was happy to share with others.

LiL Dee has big visions for his My Friend doll and the Our Brown Boy Joy company that he shares with us as well. I have no doubt he will see his visions become reality and continue to expand and empower his company and be a major player within the doll world.

To learn more about LiL Dee and Our Brown Boy Joy you can visit them at www.ourbrownboyjoy.com

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