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March 15, 2023

Evalina, Silicone Doll Artist and owner of Evergreen Art Dolls

Evalina, Silicone Doll Artist and owner of Evergreen Art Dolls
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A delightful interview with Evelyn Smith aka Evalina, owner of Evergreen Art Dolls and silicone doll artist.  From animal science to doll making, her journey has been just as eclectic as the wonderful doll she makes. www.inthedollworld.com

Growing up she loved sci-fi, art and animals, so it’s no surprise she has found a way to marry the three.

Although she loved playing with dolls and being creative, she didn’t stumble upon the true doll world until 2017 while in graduate school, working on her master’s in animal science.

Her love for everything sci-fi led her to this seeing this beautiful silicon Avatar doll and wanting to own one herself, she looked up the price, realized it was way too expensive for her college student budget, she decided to make her own and here is where her doll artist journey began.

Evalina shares with ITDW how she learned her craft from watching many videos, and now creates beautiful and whimsical silicone art dolls, ranging from Avatars to fairies to baby dinosaurs to trolls.  

She also talks about what has been the most challenging to the most rewarding in being a doll artist and shares what other mediums she would be excited to work in. 

To learn more about Evalina and see her wonderful dolls, please visit her on Instagram @evalina.evergreen

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