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March 30, 2023

Flora Ekpe-Idang, the CEO, Founder and creator of Corage Dolls

Flora Ekpe-Idang, the CEO, Founder and creator of Corage Dolls
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A passionate and powerful interview with Flora Ekpe-Idang, the CEO, Founder and creator of Corage Dolls. www.inthedollworld.com 

 Flora shares with us her inspiration for creating Corage Dolls, out of her experience of watching the documentary “Gril Like Me”.  She was struck by the lack of positive diverse representation in media and products had on black children and even though this ‘doll experiment” was done more recently than the historical “Doll Test” done by Dr. Kenneth and Mamie Clark, the results we unfortunately just as troubling. 

As Flora shares in her interview, she wanted to do something about it and create a doll that had a strong sense of herself, an unstoppable spirit and offer information about diverse careers, build sistership and advocate for the empowerment of girls of color.

We also talk about her devastating loss of all the work she created due to a bad manufacturing experience and how she had to start all over. 

Despite that experience, bad supply chains during COVID and more she has been constantly driven to move forward to create multicultural dolls and books that encourage girls of color to be unstoppable.

To learn more about Corage dolls please visit them at www.coragedolls.com or Instagram @coragedolls

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