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March 23, 2022

Gregg Ortiz of Gregg Ortiz LLC Timeless Heart, internationally renowned, award-winning doll artist

Gregg Ortiz of Gregg Ortiz LLC Timeless Heart, internationally renowned, award-winning doll artist


I am truly excited to have the internationally renowned, award-winning artist, Gregg Ortiz of Gregg Ortiz LLC Timeless Heart, who creates licensed collectibles from one of a kind to exclusive high-end couture limited edition dolls with me on In The Doll World.   (www.inthedollworld.com/podcasts)

We had such an amazing time together as Greg shared his wonderful journey into dollmaking, from dancer to actor, to model, to self-taught artist. 

From childhood, expressing himself artistically has always been a prominent part of his life, as an outlet and extension of what defines him.  Gregg expresses creativity and imagination that brings about a unique hands-on approach that is key throughout his entire process of design and sculpture.   

He has taken that passion and craft and created a business that has lasted for over 25 years; from creating licensed collectibles to manufacturing exclusive high-end couture limited editions.   

Gregg Ortiz has over the years received accolades for his creations in the art, doll, and sculpture industries. He has received awards from DOTY, Dolls Award of Excellence, to the CRYSTAL GLOBE award.

Throughout his career, he has produced licensed sculptures for companies such as Walt Disney World Galleries, Disneyana, Home Shopping Network USA & EUROPE, and The Jim Henson Co. 
His creations are highly sought after throughout the industry as well as by celebrities such as Milla Jovovich, Demi Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, to name a few. Featured on magazine covers such as Dolls Magazine and Doll Reader as well as TV appearances on PBS, Home Shopping Network, and Telemundo.

Gregg states, “My end goal is to share the amazing passion I have found through my profession using all genres and facets of originality and complexities.  Finding beauty in all that surrounds me, connecting with collectors around the world, and taking them into the Magical and Mysterious Journey that is timeless…”

To learn more about Gregg Ortiz and his amazing work visit:  https://www.greggortiz.com

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