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Sept. 8, 2022

Hope Ivy Mason, Doll Artist and Guild Award doll artist winner.

Hope Ivy Mason, Doll Artist and Guild Award doll artist winner.
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Joining us on In The Doll World is Hope Ivy Mason, Award winning international doll artist,
3-time Professional Doll Makers Art Guild Doll Artist Winner. www.inthedollworld.com

This is our 2nd episode of our In The Doll World collaboration with the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild (PDMAG) as the Media Partner for their upcoming online convention, which will celebrate doll artists within PDMAG.
Hope shares a beautiful conversation with me on In The Doll World. From her diverse background as an Ordained Minster to founder of a non-profit for Cancer survivors, she talks about her unexpected journey into discovering silicone baby dolls and that began turned into creating beautiful dolls of her own and becoming an award-winning doll artist.
As her skills grew, there was more to learn and that’s when her friend and mentor Master artist, Maisa Said, who helped her tremendously during this doll creating journey, knew it was time to for her to grow further and referred her to the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild. 
Hope learned many more skills while at the Guild, including sculpting from a portrait.  As Hope progressed so did the level of her work which has produced amazing work and has also won her several awards. 
In our conversation, Hope also shares with us a little announcement of new mediums she will be working in, besides silicone. It sounds very interesting, and I can't wait to see what she produces with it.

Hope is forever grateful to her mentor for introducing her to the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild.  Hope states, “being in a space like PDMAG, is not only for beginners, but it is also a very important place for even seasoned artists, it allows them to continue to grow and share their knowledge as well” and as an artist there is always new things to learn and new skills to develop. PDMAG encourages artists, through amazing workshops, courses taught by current and past members and mentors.

This year the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild will be offering a free online convention    Oct 14-16th, 2022, where people can attend free classes, workshops and meet some of the talented artists that are part of the guild and see their amazing work.
 To see Hope’s amazing work, please visit her on Facebook at

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