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June 24, 2020

Joey Versaw, Creator of Mary Magpie-the first 3D printed doll

Joey Versaw, Creator of Mary Magpie-the first 3D printed doll

www.inthedollworld.com  Join us for a delightful interview with Joey Versaw, Creator of Mary Magpie--the first 3D printed doll; a First Love; and, Little Head Doll lines (from the USA) as he talks about how his love for dolls helped him to bring his years of planning and dreaming to fruition. His first fashion doll, “Mary Magpie”.  Also his introduction into using the new technology of 3D printing. Excited by the idea of not getting sick from resin fumes in his own kitchen, Joey and fellow doll designer friend Dennis Beltran collaborated on designing a boudoir doll together using this new technology.  His creative spirit spoke to him again as he created a line of gay fashion dolls that offered a different look at relationships and love.

For more information about Joey Versaw, visit: https://marymagpie.com/  

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