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May 20, 2020

Julian Kalinowski, Creator of Lalka, Severine, Sevinyl, Sylvain

Julian Kalinowski, Creator of Lalka, Severine, Sevinyl, Sylvain

www.inthedollworld.com   An amazing interview with doll artist Julian Kalinowski. Julian Stanislaw Kalinowski is the creative mind behind many vintage-inspired fashion dolls including Lola, Lalka, Severine, Sevinyl, Solange, Sable, Stella, and Sylvain.

He shares his journey into the doll world and talks about his against the grain dolls and how those creations and characters came about.   Although his dolls are beautiful their characters are not usually what we would expect a fashion doll to be and at one point they have been referred to as "The Sex Pistols of the doll world", by Dolldom Blogspot


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