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Dec. 25, 2020

Karen Germany, Creator of Daddy's Long Legs Dolls

Karen Germany, Creator of Daddy's Long Legs Dolls

www.inthedollworld.com/creators       Karen Germany, creator of the Daddy's Long Legs line joins In The Doll World for a fun and educational interview!  Georgette also shares her long and amazing connection to Karen Germany and how after 20 years coming full circle.

Karen talks about her journey from sculpting a line of dolls with animal faces and human bodies into creating Daddy's Long Legs and how creating one  African American doll Nettie, garnered such a positive response from an African American  woman who  was so happy to see Nettie that she thanked Karen for creating her. That was the beginning of Daddy's Long Legs Dolls!

So many amazing stories in this interview. She sheds light on how she decided to create the In His Hands Collections after 911 and she also lets us in a few secrets of some of her amazing line of dolls. It was such a honor and delight to interview Karen and have her share her story on In The Doll Word.

GEORGETTE TAYLOR HAS PURCHASED KAREN'S COLLECTION OF DADDY LONG LEGS! One of the many exciting things shared in this interview is Karen has sold her Daddy's Long Legs inventory to Georgette Taylor! Georgette has many number ones and low numbered dolls from Karen and her mother's collection.   Georgette will be updating the In The Doll World Facebook page with information about the dolls and how to purchase them!

For information about purchasing Daddy's Long Legs dolls, please contact Georgette at: georgette.inthedollworld@gmail.com

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