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June 21, 2020

Mel Odom, Creator of the Gene Doll and Illustrator

Mel Odom, Creator of the Gene Doll and Illustrator

www.inthedollworld.com  A Fathers Day special for one of the fathers of the fashion doll.    A wonderful conversation with Mel Odom, creator of the Gene Marshall doll, a sultry movie star doll from the film noir 1940's era and introducing the 15 1/2" fashion doll to the market with the creation of the Gene doll.  Join us as he shares his amazing story, from how supportive and loving his family was towards a little boy who loved dolls, to his wonderful life as an illustrator, to how he chose Gene's name and so much more of this extraordinary and amazing life.  So relax, get you a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy! You really don't want to miss this conversation!

For more information about Mel Odom, visit: http://www.mel-odom.com/    

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