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Jan. 17, 2023

Natasha Smith, Doll Artist and Owner of Mend by Grace

Natasha Smith, Doll Artist and Owner of Mend by Grace
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Such a beautiful conversation with art doll artist, Natasha Smith, Owner of Mend By Ruby Grace. www.inthedollworld.com

 Nastasha shares with us how her love for her daughter jump started her journey into doll making, while not having a clue at all where to start. 

 As a self-taught doll maker, she has been honing her craft in the doll artistry since 2008.

 Natasha thrives in trying new techniques and experimenting with design, color and whimsical style, her love for nostalgia and repurposing textiles is ever present in the dolls she so lovingly creates. Making each doll unique and not one exactly alike.

 She also shares how her passion for doll artistry along with her mental health journey has helped in this thriving community. The union of creating dolls as expression and how it relates to ADHD and depression has developed a community of artists and those who can relate in a beautiful way. 

 To learn more about Natasha’s story and to see more of her dolls, please visit her Instagram @mednbyrubygrace


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