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June 30, 2022

Noel Cruz, Distinguished Repaint Artist

Noel Cruz, Distinguished Repaint Artist


In The Doll World is joined by most versatile & distinguished repaint artists in the doll community Noel Cruz.  www.inthedollworld.com/episodes

I have always admired his brilliant work and what a wonderful conversation we had as he shared his journey from drawing portraits since the age of 12 to becoming such a renowned repaint artist, to repainting the most precious doll in his collection. 

Although Noel is most recognized for his character & celebrity-based dolls due to their uncanny resemblance to the people they portray, such as Farrah Fawcett, Lindsey Wagner and Johnny Depp to Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Cher just to name a few in his extensive line of iconic repaints,  there is one doll that is not based on a celebrity, and it was during a beautiful moment as he was sharing that doll with me, that I literally was in tears as he talked about the one doll that he had repainted that is the most precious to him.

We also talk about his process, the hardest area for him to repaint as well as the one thing you that you must get right in order to be true to the repaint. Can you guess what they are before you listen to the show?

His dolls are derived from several models like Gene, Tyler, Sydney, etc, by various doll-makers such as Mel Odom, Robert Tonner & Franklin Mint. His repaints as well as his portraits are done with intricate detail to the point of being naturally lifelike in essence.

He also asks to give a big shout out to MEL ODOM for creating the beautiful doll Gene Doll which has been a very versatile canvas for him work with.  Thank you, Mel from Noel!

To see more of Noel's amazing work, visit www.ncruz.com

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