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Nov. 11, 2021

Patrizia Cozzo, OOAK Doll Artist on In The Doll World doll podcast

Patrizia Cozzo, OOAK Doll Artist on In The Doll World doll podcast

Join our wonderful conversation with Patrizia Cozzo on In The Doll World doll podcast as she shares with us her unique story. One that did not start with a love for dolls at https://www.inthedollworld.com/creators

Patrizia says  was not very fond of dolls until she fell in love with the wonderful world of OOAK dolls years ago while surfing on the net.

She did  play with dolls when she was a little girl, and liked them, but  was not in love so to speak.  For her, discovering the art dolls world was a turning point.   She talks about how she could not afford the stunning creations she had seen,  so she decided she would give it a try and create one herself.    She did know about polymer clay when she was around 15 and was making jewelry and little animals, and because of that polymer clay was a natural choice for her.

Patrizia states,  I studied all I could find about doll making online and made my first doll in 2007.

Patrizia has also has great recognition in America as well as in Russia and Spain. She has been featured in many publications, such as Fashion Doll Quarterly and has also received many awards from  Russia and  Spain (PDMAG Gold Award, Collii Award, Gaudir Award).

To learn more about Patrizia and her art, please visit:

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