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July 21, 2021

Rafael Nuri, owner of BiDolls & Artist and Doll Master on In The Doll World doll podcast

Rafael Nuri, owner of BiDolls & Artist and Doll Master on In The Doll World doll podcast

In The Doll World,  (ITDW) doll podcast and YouTube channel shares a powerful and riveting interview with Russian artist and doll master, Rafael Nuri.  www.inthedollworld.com/podcasts 

Rafael shares some impactful, vulnerable and powerful moments with us. From from her burning desire to own a Barbie that fueled her doll journey,  to her strict education that enhanced and honed her craft, to a riveting story of how a doll she created to help stand up for justice and basic human rights in the place she lived in and went to school that has left her fearful of returning

She also speaks about how that doll, inspired someone to connect with her and ask for her help in creating another doll to help support a traveling exhibit to end domestic abuse.

We also get to hear a wonderful secret a teacher taught her about sculpting dolls, that has  elevated her art work and will have you looking at the dolls that you love quite differently.

Rafael is a member of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild.

To find out more about Rafael, her work and upcoming projects please visit https://www.bidoll.net

o learn more about Alina's Law and the Alina's Dolls project, that  Rafael is creating a doll and their mission and traveling exhibit to  help end domestic violence, visit https://alinaslight.com/alinas-dolls/

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