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March 10, 2022

Robin Hickman-Winfield, Artistic Director and Founder of A Celebration of Soulful Dolls

Robin Hickman-Winfield, Artistic Director and Founder of A Celebration of Soulful Dolls
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Robin Hickman-Winfield, Artistic Director and Founder of A Celebration of Soulful Dolls joins In The Doll World podcast for an inspiring interview at www.inthedollworld.com/podcasts

Robin shares with us her journey to create A Celebration of Soulful Dolls. She credits her love of dolls, her creativity and entrepreneurship to her mother as she talks tenderly about how her mother influenced her love of Black dolls and how she made sure that her daughters had dolls of color growing up.

She also shared how living with people who were very much involved in the Civil Rights movement; her doll play, story writing, and crafting allowed her to find peace within the struggle. 

Robin is also very much engaged in mentoring children, and she shares a wonderful story about her 10-year-old protégé, a doll collector and artist who she asked to co-curate and contribute to a display for Black History Month at the Children’s Hospitals of Minnesota, at the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses. 

 “A Celebration of Soulful Dolls” dioramas are "life-styles in miniature", inspiring doll artistry uniquely presenting positive and powerful imagery of family, community, and history, with a splash of social commentary. 

 Her passion for realism and attention to detail vibrantly comes through in her intricately re-styled dolls, handcrafted accessories, and props, displays, and photography. 

 From Robin’s many tributes to family members such as her uncle, famed photographer and film director Gordon Parks, to Trayvon Martin and music icon Prince, her “A Celebration of Soulful Dolls” exhibits garner rave reviews with comments such as… “A miniature masterpiece!” “Wonderful and inspiring... Filled with joyful purpose” “You’ve addressed love, justice issues, community, family memories and more.”

To find out more about Robin and A Celebration of Soulful Dolls please visit https://www.celebrationofsoulfuldolls.com

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