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Aug. 10, 2022

Sandra Maxwell, BJD Artist and owner of Sandra Maxwell Studios

Sandra Maxwell, BJD Artist and owner of Sandra Maxwell Studios
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I had a delightful conversation with Sandra Maxwell, BJD Artist and owner of Sandra Maxwell Studios, best known for her 7" resin ball jointed Punkin Pie dolls.  Sandra is also one of the heads of the upcoming Professional Doll Makers Art Guild Online Convention. www.inthedollworld.com

This is our first episode of our In The Doll World collaboration with the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild (PDMAG) as the Media Partner for their upcoming online convention, which will celebrate doll artists within PDMAG.

Sandra’s doll journey started years ago with her making dolls using patterns from the old Women's Day and Family Circle magazines that her mother bought. She says her poor mother would get a magazine that was all cut up because Sandra would get to them first before her mother could get a chance to read them. Money was sometimes tight in the household, and she knew that if she wanted to have dolls, this was the only way for her to get them.  Sandra was always making things because that was the only way to have the dolls and other things she wanted, hence she made her first homemade cabbage patch doll, which wound up being  featured in her High School play.

After she got married and started a family, she became acquainted with reborn dolls; and then thought she might like to try sculpting.  She started sculpting on her own and created a few reborn dolls, but realized she had an affinity for little dolls and decided to try her hand at creating ball jointed (articulated) dolls.  

Sandra started creating little BJD dolls, and while she was working on them, she started naming them little Punkins…and the Punkin Line was born.

Although she created dolls in polymer clay, porcelain and other media, she's probably best known for her Punkin line of 7" resin ball-jointed dolls (BJDS)


In 2020, she was Industry’s Choice winner in the Dolls Awards of Excellence for her Punkin Pie entry, the first in her Punkin line.

For more info about Sandra Maxwell and her adorable BJD dolls, please visit www.sandramaxwellstudios.com

For more information about the upcoming Professional Doll Makers Art Guild Online Convention October 14th-16th, please visit www.pdmagconvention.com

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