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Aug. 5, 2020

Stacey McBride Irby, former Mattel Designer, creator of So In Style™, The Prettie Girls™ and IamU Dolls

Stacey McBride Irby, former Mattel Designer, creator of So In Style™, The Prettie Girls™ and IamU Dolls

www.inthedollworld.com  Join us on this fabulous journey with Stacey McBride Irby, one of most famous former Mattel designers. She created the So In Style™ a line of African-American Barbie® dolls which were released in 2009. While at Mattel®, Stacey was tapped to design the sorority Barbie®, celebrating the centennial year of Alpha Kappa Alpha, the first African-American Greek Sorority.  She also designed a one of a kind take on the 1980’s Black Barbie.   In addition, Stacey designed some of the 2010 Barbie career dolls including Pet Vet Barbie®, Rock Star Barbie® and Bride Barbie®.

We are so happy to bring you this interview and yes we are fangirling again with this amazing woman as she shares how her love for dolls took her from dressing like her dolls when she was little to being project designer for Mattel. She also talks about an incredible bold move she made that most entrepreneurs are still scared to do today, that lead to getting her foot into the door of Mattel.  Then how a challenging decision helped helped her to create The Prettie Girls, her move to going it all alone in creating the IamU, Uniquely Beautiful dolls and now in the world of consulting.  It was truly an honor to interview this talented women, Stacey McBride-Irby.

Stacey also has a non-profit called Stacey's Women of Tomorrow, that helps young girls to embrace and empower their unique beauty and dreams through dolls.

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If you are also interesting in designing your own doll and need consulting please email Stacey at staceymcirby@gmail.com

If you are interested in supporting young girls through Stacey's Women of Tomorrow please visit https://mcirby.com/staceyswomenoftomorrow

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