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Dec. 22, 2021

Suzanne and Erick Lamba, creators of Lyah's TV on In The Doll Word doll podcast

Suzanne and Erick Lamba, creators of Lyah's TV on In The Doll Word doll podcast

In The Doll World doll podcast is joined by husband and wife duo, Suzanne and Erick Lamba, creators of Lyah's TV.  The UK's first black Barbie doll show on YouTube which actively aims to promote black dolls, black families, and black history for all children. What a wonderful, powerful and inspiring interview we had with them. 

The channel was created in July 2020. During the first lockdown, the couple was surprised and saddened to find their 3-year-old daughter begin to question and compare her appearance to the dolls she was seeing on YouTube, primarily Mattel’s white Barbie dolls. With little to choose from as an alternative, the couple decided to create their own doll show voiced by them and their family.

Lyah's TV follows the adventures of a black family - a mother and father and their triplets – the Lyah family. Various episodes include other members of their family and friends. The episodes are educational and fun for all children to enjoy. 

Suzanne and Erick have worked with a number of black-owned companies and incorporated their work in the Lyah shows. This includes doll companies such as Biankha and Friends and Hello Nana Dolls as well as other black professionals such Sophia Wilson, author of the children's books “The Left Handed Champ”, and “Simone’s Oasis” educational entertainment company.

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