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June 16, 2022

Tamika Spencer, Paper Artist, specializing in doll wigs

Tamika Spencer, Paper Artist, specializing in doll wigs

A truly delightful conversation with Tamika Spencer, Paper Artist, specializing in doll wigs as well as a freelance photographer specializing in doll photography. www.inthedollworld.com/podcasts

Join us as Tamika shares her wonderful journey to creating her outstanding paper art doll wigs. She also shares with us which dolls are the hardest to create wigs for, and you may be surprised who they are.  I also talk with her about her process, what paper is the easiest to work with and what she is looking forward to doing in the coming years with her beautiful wigs.

Her paper doll wigs are just amazing and have been featured in various doll magazines such as Stand Magazine, FDQ (fashion doll quarterly), Endora Magazine, and Doll Magazine. Her wigs have been also featured in virtual exhibitions with Art.Number 23.  

To see more of Tamika's amazing work please visit her at @tamikaspaperart 

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