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Oct. 5, 2021

Valerie Gladstone, Owner of Brooklyn Dollworks and Award Winning Artist on In The Doll World doll podcast

Valerie Gladstone, Owner of Brooklyn Dollworks and Award Winning Artist on In The Doll World doll podcast

The amazing Valerie Gladstone, award winning artist and owner of Brooklyn Dollworks joins us for a wonderful conversation about her journey into creating art dolls. www.inthedollworld.com/creators

Valerie's journey into dolls was not your typical journey into doll making.  As a self confessed tom boy she didn't really play with dolls, but was very creative.  She trained in painting, costume design, wig and makeup design, needlecraft, ceramics, and photography.

An amazing featured article and picture in Art Doll Quarterly caught her eye and jumpstarted her journey into Art Dolls where she thought she could apply all her varied skills into one item.   Working in the theatre for so many years, she enjoys telling stories; each doll, even if they are part of a series, has to speak on its own.

She started taking them on tour and during that time, she had another chance encounter that led to her most eclectic work being recognized and winning awards.

For Valerie, the creative process begins with inspiration. The inspiration can come from a historical fact, a piece of fabric, or the need to try a new technique. She prefers to work in series, like her New York series which comes from the love of my hometown, which she elaborates more on in the podcast.

Her art dolls are passionate and powerful.  She shares how important it is to to have intention for what you are creating.

To learn more about Valerie and her art, please visit:
Website: https://www.brooklyndollworks.com     
​Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BrooklynDollworks

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