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Jan. 12, 2022

William Grant Still Arts Center Doll Exhibition Group

William Grant Still Arts Center Doll Exhibition Group

In The Doll World is joined by the William Grant Still Art Centers Doll Exhibition Group. www.inthedollworld.com/podcasts   The group includes Ami Motevalli – Director,  Myshell Tabu - Dollmaker, Collector & Curator, Sofía Gabaldón – Administrative Assistant/ Office Manager and Monica Bailey – Education Coordinator of the William Grant Still Arts Center.

A wonderful discussion about the 41st year of the annual Black Doll show at the William Grant Still Arts Center. It is the longest-running annual exhibition in the City of Los Angeles. They also share the fascinating history of the Will Grant Still Arts Center and talk about the proud and incredible community support they continue to have.

The William Grant Still Arts Center—named after the late Dr. William Grant Still (1895-1978), the highly acclaimed African-American composer who lived in the West Adams neighborhood— was established in 1977 by Los Angeles City Council member David Cunningham in cooperation with its first director Hakim Ali.

The William Grant Still Arts Center is a facility of the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs offering summer camp, creative workshops, including doll making classes, music and art classes for adults and youth, an exhibition space, concerts, and places for community meetings and the neighborhood to come together.

Notable programs the Center has started include the annual Black Doll Show, the African-American Composers Series of  exhibitions incorporating cultural heritage with arts education, and exhibitions of archives curated directly from the community.

The programs at William Grant Still Arts Center are free, or as low-cost as possible, in order to welcome all in our community to the visual and performing arts.  For more about the center and upcoming Black Doll shows visit: wgsac.wordpress.com/about/wgsac-history/

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