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Sept. 24, 2020

William Ooi & Marcus Kelso, Emperis Dolls

William Ooi & Marcus Kelso, Emperis Dolls

www.inthedollworld.com   Join us as we talk to  Emperis (pronounced m-Paris) Dolls creators William Ooi and his husband, Marcus Kelso. A fun and enlightening interview!  William shares how his love of dolls from an early age has helped him to define and create beautifully designed and crafted dolls.  A very informative, fun and delightful look into what makes Emperis Dolls come alive!  William also shares how important it was to create some dolls with 23 points of articulation in order to get the kind of unique poses that is needed to be more creative and unique in telling and creating their story through photographs. William and Marcus has decided to create a doll line that promotes Britain. Everything about their dolls is created in Britain. Even the manufacturing is done in Britain! They also share what the future of Emperis Dolls looks like and it is amazing.

In The Doll World is also on YouTube and Emperis Dolls is one of our first two shows on video. That show is an extension of this podcast with a few dolls shared and showcased, as well as a look at their fully articulated bulldogs, Winston and Winnie, please check out their show at at our new YouTube page.


To see the amazing work of William Ooi and Empres Dolls visit http://www.emperis.co.uk/ or visit them at their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/emperis



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