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Jan. 30, 2023

Yla Eason, creator of Sun-Man and Owner of Olmec Toys

Yla Eason, creator of Sun-Man and Owner of Olmec Toys

Another FANGIRL moment for me at IDTW.  What a fantastic time spent with Ms. Yla Eason, creator of  Sun-Man, the first Black superhero action figure and owner of Olmec Toys.  www.inthedollworld.com 

Ms. Eason is an award-winning educator and entrepreneur who is largely credited with pioneering the ethnic toy market at mass market stores. As an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice at Rutgers University, her focus is Business Communications, Multicultural Marketing, and Digital Marketing.

Over 40 years ago a comment by her 3-year-old son and the love she had for him, changed the trajectory of her life and the lives of many children of color across the globe.  Her son at 3 years old, made the comment, he couldn’t be a superhero because he was black.  Dismayed after searching for a black superhero, she discovered, there was no such thing.  

Ms. Eason stated, “The intention was to give positive Black presentation in imagination and creativity,” 

Yla shares with us her journey of what it was like stepping into that arena with no prior experience in the toy industry and how when the Universe calls you, other people are put along your path to make that happen for you. 

Yla also talks about some of her biggest challenges, the unique way she presented to the investors and why sometimes, ignorance can be bliss.

She also admits it wasn’t a piece of cake but for many reasons we talk about during our conversation, including the reason for her doing this and the fascination of what it took to get it created, helped her to keep going.

Now 40 years later, Sun-Man was reintroduced to another generation of children in 2022 as he was included as part of the expansion of He-Man, the Masters of the Universe on the 40th Anniversary of He-Man. 

To find out more about Yla Eason, her story and Sun-Man and the Rulers of the Sun, visit www.officialsunman.com or at facebook @ officialsunman

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